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WATCO Corporation, a mechanical contractor, engages in the installation of HVAC and related systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in North Carolina. The company's products and services include piping solutions, such as heating and cooling related hot water, chilled water, condenser water, steam, condensate, and gas piping; manufacturing related process cooling water, process steam and condensate, DI water, and compressed air piping; microelectronics/pharmaceutical related ultrapure orbital welded stainless steel, and fusion welded plastics and polymers for process gases and liquids; and special panels for processes. It also engages in fabrication and installation of HVAC related ducts; duct fabrication for outside customers; custom metal fabrication; and specialty welding. In addition, the company provides commercial and industrial HVAC service contracts for preventative maintenance; repairs and replacements of equipment; and systems surveys and inspections. It offers services to educational and government facilities, clean rooms, computer rooms, lab exhaust/make-up air systems, medical facilities, military facilities, and office buildings. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in Garner, North Carolina. WATCO is a fully licensed mechanical contractor. WATCO operates in the public, military and private sectors through competitive bid process and negotiated contracts.

WATCO Corporation was formed by three principles with over 90 years experience as a closely held business in March of 1972 to provide mechanical services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers within the Research Triangle Park area.

Our professional staff maximizes customer satisfaction by doing the job right the first time while exceeding industry standards of craftsmanship, safety and environmental respect.


WATCO is Eco-conscious

WATCO has consistently looked for ways to become a more environmentally friendly company. Starting within the corporate office, WATCO has minimized paper consumption and recycles many different office supplies.

The WATCO vehicle fleet is maintained on a regular basis to minimize emissions and comply with state regulations. Within the company, we encourage car pooling to and from the job site. WATCO continues to look for ways to reduce carbon footprint.



WATCO is proactive with weekly Safety Training and Field Safety Audits. We regularly inspect job site activity and make sure all workers exceed OSHA regulations.

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