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Types of Piping

Heating Hot Water, Chilled Water, Condensed Water, Steam, Hydronics, Refrigerant, Geothermal, Condensate and Gas.

Industrial related Process Cooling Water, Process Steam & Condensate, DI Water & Compressed air piping.


Building Owners: In Raleigh, if you own a building, or are thinking of building one, you know that your piping systems are a key piece of your investment. Our professionals will make sure your building is operating at 100% efficiency.

Developers: Are you thinking about developing a new project in the Raleigh – RTP area? Whether you are rehabbing an old building, or building a new facility, Watco has the best professionals who will make sure your job is completed quickly and with the highest quality.

General Contractors: If you’re a General Contractor in North Carolina, you know an important decision you have to make is choosing your subcontractors. Watco is here to provide you with complete reliable piping service.



Engineers: Many HVAC contractors have never worked with an engineering firm. At WATCO, our employees REGULARLY work with engineers and engineering drawings and specifications.

Architects: Many piping contractors have never worked with an architectural firm–particularly on a commercial job. At WATCO, we REGULARLY work with architects and engineers. Our HVAC experts have piped many of Raleigh’s most architecturally challenging projects.

Facility Managers: As a facility manager in North Carolina, you have one goal: keeping your building operating in a safe, cost-efficient manner. We are the piping professionals who will help you realize your goal. Watco will provide the kind of reliable, efficient service that will let you sleep at night.

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