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Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal


In-house Fabrication

WATCO creates HVAC systems that are designed to meet the needs of your design/build project. With a 12,000 sq. ft. sheet metal fabrication shop in-house, WATCO custom manufactures not only ductwork, but also Drain pans, washer pans, grease trap tank, hoods, and more. We are experienced with a wide range of materials, including Galvanized, Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

WATCO knows speed and quality are important to you. By fabricating sheet metal in-house, we maintain greater quality control over every fabricated part, and complete it faster. Our dedicated, skilled team and modern manufacturing technology produce a superior end result that makes your building work better.

WATCO Mechanical is ready to meet your custom sheet metal fabrication needs.


WATCO's Shop Services

Duct Fabrication
(Any specified pressure class)

  • Galvanized 26-14 ga. capacities for any supply, return, exhaust, make-up air, relief air, etc. Duct can be sent knocked-down or knocked-together with sealed seams.
  • Black Steel 22-12 ga. capabilities for any exhaust, kitchen hood, custom fabrications, etc. Duct can be shop welded or assembled to customer's specifications.
  • Stainless Steel 26-14 ga. capabilities for any ductwork, custom fabrications, etc. as either seamed (lock and drive or TDC) or welded.
  • Aluminum .016-.080 ga. capabilities for any special ductwork or custom fabrications, as either seamed or welded duct.

Shop Fabrication

  • Drain pans, washer pans (galvanized, copper, stainless steel)
  • Grease trap tanks
  • Sleeves (galvanized, black)
  • Brackets for wall, ceiling or floor mounts
  • Stands for equipment or ditch work
  • Curbs and rails for roof mounted equipment
  • Hoods for fan exhausts
  • Caps for roof openings
  • Any special fabrication up to 1/4" plate



Schedule and Delivery

All customer work is prioritized according to the customer's schedule. The order can be scheduled on "as needed" bases.

If available, WATCO duct trailers can be loaned for transport.



Work can be fabricated from a customer's takeoff list or WATCO can generate a takeoff from the customer's prints or drawings.

Orders can be done on either Time & Material or Quoted as Submitted.




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